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Digital technologies such as social media platforms and cloud, as well as big data, are giving birth to disruptive high growth models and rewriting the well-established rules for commercial leaders worldwide.

Sales teams are jostling with ever-evolving customer behaviors and expectations amid increased competition, margin pressure and global expansion. Whilst sales leadership needs are evolving to meet skills-sets with greater cross-functional, business transformation and international experience the marketing function is being completely revolutionised.

Digital media has vastly increased the number of touchpoints with the modern consumer demanding augmented access across several platforms. The competitive advantage is for those CMOs who are full strategic partners to their CEO and can demonstrate the vision and skills to leverage sweeping new technologies and master dynamic emerging markets.

Green Gate operates across all major industry verticals, drawing on a deep understanding of in-demand commercial and digital leadership profiles. We understand the change that digital transformation is driving and are familiar with how boards and CEOs are having to deal with this in their respective markets.

Recent examples of assignments we have fulfilled include:

  • Director, Sales Development
  • Partnerships Director
  • Director, Sales Enterprise
  • Director Communications, EMEA
  • Head of Brand Marketing
  • Lead Corporate Communications Consultant / Manager
  • Head of Digital Marketing
  • Commercial Director
  • Senior Bid Manager
  • Head of Sales and Operations

Working with us

  • Green Gate offers bespoke solutions to executive recruitment with a team of highly experienced consultants covering major industrial and functional groups.
  • Our ethos are based on mutual understanding and transparency. Our trusted relationships with customers - clients and candidates alike - form the foundation of our success.
  • Every engagement with Green Gate is unique. Thorough research and in-depth due diligence are integral to the Green Gate approach ensuring every candidate we put forward exceeds your expectations.
  • Our geographical reach allows us to search widely for executives that meet your organisational, cultural and social requirements.