Corporate Communications

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Chief Executives now tweet. Consumers, in turn, respond almost instantaneously.

The advent of digital and social media has altered the rules of corporate communication: Consumers and analysts are intelligent and well organized, regulators are increasingly present online and the borders between internal and external audiences have been blurred. As a result, companies need skilled professionals who employ smart and strategic plans to advance the agenda and interests of the organisation. And if that were not enough, employees want to be the first, not the last to know.

When competition is fierce, leaders at every level need to bring clarity, inspiration and confidence to their workforce, be prepared to listen and ensure that innovative ideas are captured and developed further.

Green Gate identifies leaders who help enhance and empower companies to act in the long-term interests of all stakeholders. We find leaders who offer companies a strong voice with clear messaging to internal and external audiences.

Recent examples of assignments we have fulfilled include:

  • Internal Communications Officer
  • Head of External Communications
  • Chief Communications Officer
  • Head of Events Management
  • Director, Investor Relations
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Chief Graphic Designer
  • Editor, Content and Website Management
  • Director, Corporate Social Responsibility

Working with us

  • Green Gate offers bespoke solutions to executive recruitment with a team of highly experienced consultants covering major industrial and functional groups.
  • Our ethos are based on mutual understanding and transparency. Our trusted relationships with customers - clients and candidates alike - form the foundation of our success.
  • Every engagement with Green Gate is unique. Thorough research and in-depth due diligence are integral to the Green Gate approach ensuring every candidate we put forward exceeds your expectations.
  • Our geographical reach allows us to search widely for executives that meet your organisational, cultural and social requirements.