Supply Chain Management

SCM - Supply Chain Management - handwritten text in a notebook on a desk - 3d render illustration.
Truck transport container on the road to the port.
St. Petersburg Russia - November 21 2008: Forklift palletiser carrying palletising on the territory of the warehouse with pallet storage rack system. The interior of a large goods warehouse with shelves of pallet rack system storage.

Complex, global, time-sensitive supply chains and their increasing strategic importance have increased the need for supply chain executives everywhere.

Value creation, competitive advantage, and enabling growth are at the forefront of today’s supply chain agendas with best-in-class leaders delivering huge competitive gains. With just-in-time production, fulfillment rates and a global footprint as the newly-defined competitive advantages, companies with superior supply chain management achieve superior financial performance.

Organisations across the spectrum recognise the need for a more integrated approach to supply chain management, encompassing a tight integration of functions extending through the entire process, from supply and demand planning to transportation and logistics.

Green Gate identifies leaders who can deliver innovation to our clients' organisations, improve competitive advantage, and recognise the vast interconnectivity across global supply chains.

Recent examples of assignments we have fulfilled include:

  • Global Buying Director
  • Supply Chain Director
  • IT Procurement Manager
  • Head of Supply Chain Management
  • Oracle Supply Chain Delivery Director
  • Head of Procurement
  • General Manager Planning and Efficiency
  • Senior Operations Manager
  • Head of Transport
  • Director of Freight

Working with us

  • Green Gate offers bespoke solutions to executive recruitment with a team of highly experienced consultants covering major industrial and functional groups.
  • Our ethos are based on mutual understanding and transparency. Our trusted relationships with customers - clients and candidates alike - form the foundation of our success.
  • Every engagement with Green Gate is unique. Thorough research and in-depth due diligence are integral to the Green Gate approach ensuring every candidate we put forward exceeds your expectations.
  • Our geographical reach allows us to search widely for executives that meet your organisational, cultural and social requirements.