Executive Mapping

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In a challenging business landscape mapping the executive talent and capability of your competitors is a powerful business intelligence tool that provides a key strategic advantage. At Green Gate, our Executive Mapping Report provides valuable insight into how others operate identifying specific areas where you can optimise your executive team structure and talent profiles.

Our approach to Executive Mapping is structured and concise. We start by identifying organisations of interest - including both competitors and secondary market players - to compile a thorough report detailing roles, responsibilities, and reporting structures within the target organisations. Information obtained also includes career history and associated incumbent data of various executive team members.

The second stage of this process involves working closely with the client to assess the calibre of their current executive team and identify opportunities for change. This sets the stage to investigate recruitment steps to target specific executive talent within competitor organisations. 

By analysing your competitor data, Green Gate can provide you with a roadmap to success in hiring your future executives.